Reading Update

So I didn’t read most of the books on my 2016 book list this year. Big shocker.

I did read, though. I’m currently working through a book a friend loaned to me, The City and the City. It’s been slow going with this book. But recently since I’ve taken a hiatus from all social media, until the rest of the year, at least, I’ve started moving through the pages more quickly. It’s a pretty interesting read that leaves you guessing. I love those. I used to read suspense and mystery thriller novels in high school like it was my religion. This is a nice return to something in that realm.

I’m also reading a book called Clan of the Cave Bear. The writing in this novel is amazing. The author just does an excellent just of simply WRITING. I’m only a couple of chapters into this one since the other book has taken up most of my time recently, but I’m excited to get back to it. I haven’t felt the excitement about reading that this book gives me in quite some time.

I also read two feng shui books my grandmother gave me this year. I’m slowly reading a couple of non-fiction books: The Dance of Anger and … well, I WAS reading another one, but I actually haven’t been able to find it and I can’t recall the name off the top of my head. :/

I also finished reading The Millionaire Next Door and Everyday Zen a few months ago. Both were nice, easy reads. Everyday Zen was nice, but, oddly enough, towards the end it started to sort overwhelm me. Maybe with what was happening in my life this year, it just felt sort of… pressuring. Sometimes we like to try and ignore things.

I also re-read large chunks of The Satanic Bible this year, just because I do that every once in a while because I like the book. I first read it years and years ago, and have probably read it through about 3 or 4 times total, but I return to it again and again just to dip my brain in the ideas.

Also picked-at was a book I started reading for a class I was taking my fourth year of college (out of 6 total) but never finished the class (breakups can disrupt your life, it happens): Religion and American Culture. It’s a very good book – not as academic as another book I have on the topic of religion, Understanding Fundamentalism, which I finished reading years ago, and is a great book, don’t get me wrong. I keep it because I’d like to revisit it, probably after I finsihed RaAC.

Once I finish this chunk of reading in my lap, my sights are set on finding some good book on the topics on the Middle East. My interest in the Middle East has really spiked. I’ve always had a curiosity about what’s going on there, what has happened, etc., but when I was younger I guess I always felt too overwhelmed by the idea of tackling the topic. But no more. I may not know everything, but I’m ready to learn. I’ve been following Middle-East news sources closely the last few months, doing some research into the history over there online, etc., to get my fix until I have time to delve into a full book.

Open to suggestions on that last topic, completely.


So now that I’m looking over my list again, I guess I did finish at least one of the books on the list and also have started dipping into several others.

And let me just say this. I am absolutely not the kind of person that’s going to torture myself by completing a book that I don’t want to read. I’ve spent enough of my life reading books, including a lot of non-fiction, to know when I have the point. And I know a lot of books out there spend the last quarter of the chapters re-iterating what they’ve already said, so I honestly sometimes don’t complete books ALL THE WAY. For instance, the book She Comes First. I read most of it, but I didn’t read ALL of it, and I never will. But I’ll say I read the damn book. Because whatever was in that conclusion chapter I’m almost certain was not going to add anything to my understanding of the book than what was already written and read. I know there are readers out there who couldn’t stand to leave a book unfinished once they’ve gotten well into it. Well, I can’t stand to keep reading something that isn’t telling me anything new. It’s torture.

Happy reading.



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